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Collins F. Tamba

Please briefly describe your business(es) or project(s).
Empowering young Liberians through practical and formal agriculture training to reduce the poverty rate in Liberia and to help Liberia become a nation that will be able to feed herself. This project will also give an opportunity to people who do not have the financial ability to acquire formal education and it will be open to everyone who wants to learn in order to impact the nation.

What is unique about your business(es) or project(s)?
What is unique about this project is that the land is available, I'm undergoing advanced level training and the project is targeting youths who do not have the financial will to decide which school to attend. It is also open to anyone who is willing to help move the program forward.


What was your inspiration?
I was inspired by my father who didn't go to school, but he used his agriculture skills to grow crops and raised money for my siblings and I to go to school and acquire the formal education that he never had the opportunity to get.


What lessons have you learned throughout your journey?
I have learned that nothing good comes with pleasure or ease, but with hard work and determination. I also learned that in order for one to progress, he or she must be honest, sincere and committed to everyone he or she comes across in life.

Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?
I would like to see myself having a well-established farm with a training center that focuses on training less fortunate youths around the country and to also be able to process crops that will be produced on the farm for commercial purposes.


How can people see and support your work? 
WhatsApp: +23177598238

Check out some photos of Collins' work below: 



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